Rental COWs

Our low-profile, small footprint, rapid-deployment design can be used as an antenna tower, a complete cell site, or as a tower for lighting. They are ideal for the following situations:

There are many options regarding the configuration of our rental COWs. First, the trailer and mast can be deployed as-is, bringing additional antenna capabilities to an existing cell site. Secondly to be used as a stand-alone cell site Maverick can install customer-provided equipment including telephony cabinets, power systems, and battery back-up systems. Finally, we also maintain a fleet of COWs pre-configured with typical GSM, LTE and UMTS communications equipment.

Offering the widest range of COW services in the industry, and a fleet of COWs stationed in different regions of the country, Maverick Technologies can transport, deploy, integrate, and de-integrate COWs, as requested. Let us know how we can help!

Maverick mast features include (partial list):

Trailer features include (partial list):

Rental Cow Pictures:

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