• 5G - Mobile Telecom
    5G - The Fifth Generation of Cellular Mobile Telecom

    The Fifth-Generation Technology is beginning to be the catalyst that will inevitably change the pace of many industries, businesses, activities and our general livelihood touching everything that surrounds us: communications, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, scientific discoveries, and everything else.

    With the development of 5G, “the future has arrived!” Maverick Technologies’ technical teams are working with the network operators in installing, testing, maintaining, upgrading and repairing the latest technologies.

  • Cellsite-On-Wheels (COW/COLT)
    Maverick’s unique design and fabrication capabilities offer solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Our mobile cell sites are the solution for the need to add cellular coverage quickly. From large macro sites to small in-building carts we can help carriers, companies, governments, and events get up and running.

    In addition we also offer management services including: configuring mobile sites with your equipment, deploying mobile sites in the field, and maintenance programs.

    Our Design and Engineering teams will develop and build the optimum solution just for you.

  • Power Equipment Repair
    Maverick Technologies is your best single source for repairing all Power Equipment

    Maverick Technologies Inc. is a certified TL9000 operation which offers the most comprehensive services for testing and repairing Power and Telecommunications infrastructure equipment.

    Our Engineers and Technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair equipment in a most cost-effective manner and we offer the quickest turn-around time and the best warranty program in the industry.

  • Wireless Telecom Services
    Enabling Wireless Connectivity

    Wireless telecommunication services are provided by Maverick’s highly skilled and experienced technicians.

    The range of work includes building cell sites, setting up microwave shots, enhancing signal strength in difficult environments, tower mods and swaps, and fiber & civil projects.

    Included in our service offerings are diagnosing the problem; providing remediation, repair and installation services; and preparing the close-out paperwork.